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There are many concerns to consider when its time to dispose of old documents and records to secure your privacy and the privacy of your clients, customers, and patients.  Shred-All’s onsite shredding makes the process convenient, secure and green.

identity theft

Protect Against Identity Theft
Sensitive information in the wrong hands can become a serious liability. There is a growing public concern about privacy laws. We provide the highest level of security and help you reduce your risk of confidential documents getting in the wrong hands. Our safe and secure process helps to protect against Identity Theft for your business, your employees and your customer. You can trust that your confidential documents are completely destroyed.

Safeguard your liability with our Certificate of DestructionCOD
Our certificate of destruction is an important legal record of compliance that is provided with every shredding service to verify the date and time that the documents were destroyed. This document binds our companies together in that the material that you gave us to be destroyed was indeed destroyed.

Be Environmentally Responsible – Save Some Trees!
green-recycle-symbol-hiRecycling paper has a substantial benefit on our eco-system. Together we can help secure the environment by saving trees. Our shredded materials go to a paper recycler. For every 2 executive containers that is filled you have saved 1 tree.