Why Shred-All?

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Benefits of Shred-All Service

  • Shred-All protects businesses and their customers by providing highly secure, on-site shredding
  • Shred-All helps all businesses comply with HIPAA, GLB and FACTA and other federal document destruction regulations
  • Shred-All recycles all shredded documents
  • Shred-All provides services that are less costly than in-house shredding options
  • You will save time and money and it is convenient and affordable. It is cheaper to outsource your shredding needs than doing it in house. It takes an employee 5 hours to shred 50 pounds of paper. We offer new, state of the art equipment that can do the task in minutes. It frees up your staff and your business is not disrupted. There is no equipment to buy.

Shred-All Orlando Shredding truck

Office Shredder Risks

  • Straight cut strips of paper can be reassembled
  • Irregular shredding practices leave you vulnerable
  • No verification of destruction
  • Time consuming
  • Messy and dusty
  • Noisy, clogs
  • Safety hazard
  • Staff accessible to confidential information
  • Equipment expensive
  • No proof of destruction


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