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Tim & Shari BakerI’m Timothy Baker, and I started my career working for the largest shredding company in the world over seventeen years ago. My partner and wife Shari and I had the opportunity to start our own company in 2011 and we jumped at the chance of opening Shred-All.

We had begun working together in 2000, at that large corporate shredding office, when the office manager position opened up. At that point my wife had run multiple offices in the Tampa area for 10 years , so I thought of her for the position. I had been traveling to and from Orlando daily for two years. I thought carpooling daily from Tampa and working together would be a great fit. Well that lasted about three weeks with a three year old and a now pregnant wife, and that two hour car ride twice a day was over. My wife put her foot down and said, we need to move to Orlando. So being the husband I am, we bought a house and moved two weeks later. Looking back, that was 13 years ago, and now I can’t imagine not working alongside her every day.

When we had the opportunity to start our own business in 2011, we wanted to do something different from all the other companies. With our parents as silent partners, we have started out small, but we had all the right pieces in place. I had now been in the shredding business for seventeen years. Prior to that a veteran of the Marine Corp, having secret clearance as well as numerous document security certifications. Shari now has over thirteen years’ experience in the shredding business along with her past office experience. We were thrilled when our old Operations Manager, Alex Andrews joined with twelve years of shredding experience.


So what could we do differently? I will let you in on a trade secret, we all have trucks, and we all shred paper. There it is. I have now let the cat out of the bag. I am sure I will hear from every Company and their Lawyers for telling you this. But we are willing to do something all the others talk about, but we actually do. We will provide you with great Customer Service. Sure other Companies say they do, but let me give you just one example. We do not require our Customers to sign ANY contracts. Other companies require 3-5 year contracts with built in increases, and not exit clauses. We think our Customer Service should speak for itself. If you are happy, and we offer a good service at a fair price you will stay with us. Amazing isn’t it?


Here is another example, when you call in to our company you will not get a recording. Shari, Alex or I will actually answer the phone. Occasionally our soon to be college daughter will help out, in training to take over as she calls it. Our two black Labs (Maxx and Roelee) that are so spoiled they can’t be left alone may bark in the background, I apologize for that in advance. All of us will answer your questions and take care of your needs. Hopefully soon our son will be joining Alex as his helper. We truly are a family based business that we plan of growing over the next fifteen to twenty years, and we hope you will join us and let us be your shredding company.